When things change..make the change work. The reason i am starting this blog is to live frugally and make the most out of the income we do have so that i will be able to be at home with my kids. In the past i had been part of the full time working mom force, then one day out of the blue i was let go. The way i was let go was anything but "nice". I was left feeling saddened, bitter and depressed about how much i had given (almost 5 years) to a company that was less than appreciative in the end. That was my wake up call! It was awhile after being let go..i was blessed with another child. I realized that no matter how much money i had or had been making, that was not what made me happy or defined me and that i needed to change the way i live. With that being said i also needed to make some life changes because during that year after i had been let go, i spent money like i hadn't. Debt is an ugly friend of mine that i would like to never see again. I have always been frugal and it was the way of my house growing up but the inner shopping diva inside me sometimes won out on disagreements. No more i say! Join me in being frugal, finding thrifty ways to save money and have a great time doing it. I am excited for the economical and social benefits this will bring to those who join and myself.