Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Juice box coupon

Click on the link above to take you to a coupon you can print. Great coupon to use at Walmart where they are priced a little cheaper. Trent loves these when i do lunches from home.

Better Oats Coupon

If you go to Better Oats facebook page and go t special offers..they have a coupon for .55 off 2 boxes. My husband and i love this oatmeal. Also..Albertsons has two kinds that are berry and maple for only .97 a box! (With 5 envelopes of oatmeal in each)

Gerber coupons

There are some printable coupons for gerber graduates little meals. Use these at Walmart or Albertsons when they do their TTV coupon in the Sunday paper for some cheap gerber meals.

Is it just me?!

It must be the feeling of fall in the air because i decided to bake a few things. While making my cinnamon streusel bread and pouring the batter in the bread pan..a thought crossed my mind.."stop or it will over flow". What did i do you though? I kept going..and here we are 30 minutes later with bread in the bottom of my oven and the smell of something burning. UGHHHH Ignoring that little voice..

Sugar Delish:

My friend Jenna has an AMAZING talent for pictures..and baking. She combines both with her blog. I am going to make these little beauties today

Sugar Delish:
Box of lemon cake mix 8oz Cool whip 1 Egg 1/2 cup...
: Box of lemon cake mix 8oz Cool whip 1 Egg 1/2 cup powdered sugar (for rolling) Parchment Paper Pre-Heat Oven to 350 Combine Cake Mix,...

Tasty Salad

Salad for lunch...i think yes. I'll just go out to my garden and violaa! This butter leaf lettuce with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and green onion..all from the garden. Best part of the salad?! My favorite brand of ranch dressing which is Kens steakhouse dressing...which i got for FREE by couponing.

Have a child that loves stickers?

Amazon has some great sticker packs on a special right now. You can get depending on the package..500 to 700 themed stickers for between $5.45-$5.55. The one i am listing a link to is for a girl...but they also have ones for boys! It is a great time to get some ideas for Birthday or Christmas.

All You Magazine and Website

I really like this magazine. It usually has great recipes, tips, articles..and better yet coupons! I usually can only find the magazine at Walmart or you can subscribe to it. I usually will use enough coupons out of it or recipes to easily make it worth the $1.66 (subscription price) or $2.49 (walmart price).

Broulims $10 gift card giveaway..hurry!

Go here and like their page and scroll down until you see the gift card giveaway! It was posted August 27 at 4:19. I would love a $10 gift card :) Go enter now

Share your knack for being frugal!

Okay..i KNOW that i have some thrifty/frugal friends! Share below your favorite find! I also think its fun to find out what others like to collect. You may not know this..but i LOVE pyrex and older tupperware. Above is one of my favorite thrift store finds..that i bought for $2.

Earn money back for shopping you'd do anyways..

I only will tell you about companies that i myself have worked with and actually had a good experience with. I like the idea of being able to earn money back on shopping that i will do anyways. For example if i am going to shop Gap or Sephora..i can click through ebates website and shop there while earning a certain percentage back. The percent changes from time to time..and that is when you'll get a thrifty deal! I especially like when they do their magazine specials for a hugeeeeee percentage off. Give it a look if you are interested.

Easy money?!

Would you like to earn points towards gift cards just for searching the web? Yeah.. it is that easy. I have earned $25 in amazon gift cards..just for using  as my search engine. You can redeem your points for many different types of gift cards but i honestly feel the best value is the amazon gift cards. I shop there often and they usually run some great specials. If you'd like to join.. go to the link! If you say i referred you that would be great but honestly i think you'll just be happy with how easy it is to earn :)  Get your swag on!

Jean Perfection i remember vaguely the days when i payed $65 and up for jeans. Those days are in the past. Yes occasionally i go into a store and try on the beautiful spendy jeans...glance down at the price tag again and get my head back to reality. This weekend i went to a few yard sales and found two great pairs of fashionable jeans! Silvers are one of my favorite brands of jeans and fit me great yet i am typically not buying them new..because of that same price tag we talked about earlier. When i found these Silver jeans in my exact size for $2... a tear of joy almost filled to my eye!
 I also found this cute pair of Miss Me jeans for $4.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New to couponing?

If you are new to couponing it can be overwhelming. I have listed below a few of my favorite websites that are legitimate and safe to get your coupons from. There is also the option of subscribing or buying the Sunday Post register which will have coupon inserts if you are not wanting to do the online coupons or you want to do both!

Many people will say that you can only get junk/processed food with coupons. I don't feel that is true. Sure there are many of those types of coupons out there but there are also coupons for yogurt,milk,cheese,bread,nuts and so on. I am going to be honest and tell you that ya..i do buy cookies and tuna helper! One of the benefits to couponing is that i can save money on items i am getting with a coupon so that i can buy things such as more expensive cuts of meat or produce.

You can typically print two of each couponing depending on the website and number of prints the coupon has out at the time. If you have questions.. please ask! I will tell you.. i am definitely not an extreme couponer. I buy the items that my family will use and can store. I have had a great percent of savings since i started couponing in April! There are also some great sites that i follow for sale ad match ups which i have listed in my blogs that i follow.  :)

My dear clothes line..

One of the memories i have from growing up is my mother hanging clothes on the line. I really enjoy and look forward to after winter when the weather is warm enough to go out and hang laundry on the line. It is such a calming experience for me and i love that it also is a great way to dry clothes, towels, and bedding without having to use extra electricity. Occasionally I spray a tiny bit of Scentys White Sands room spray on them before i put them in the dryer on low just to fluff them up. Smells great and if i hang them right.. i don't have to iron anything!! Yayyyyy for that.

Corn 12/$3 Wooohooo

There is one thing that we did not have luck with in our garden this year and it was corn. It got all of about 7" and then nothing! Luckily a little place down the road from us in Teton off center street..had nice big ears of sweet corn for 12/$3. There would be 12 in this basket...but my family really likes corn! :) So if you are in Teton or passing through..grab some.

Thrifty find

Many of my posts are about gardening and canning. Most of the jars that i can with are ones that i have picked up at the thrift store or yard sales. I like jars that are unique looking and have a retro vintage feel. I was able to find some great jars this weekend for .10 to .25 a piece! I like that thrifty deal..since i know i will be using them in the future.

Enjoy the garden all year long

 Whether it is freezing or canning, it is so nice to be able to enjoy the vegetables from the garden all year long. We love freezing the peas and then unthawing and putting them on salad or eating as is. Sophie absolutely loves eating peas and huckleberries as snacks! (i did not raise huckleberries in my garden..but included them in the photo :) )
My son Trent loves raising a rainbow variety of carrot in our garden. The carrots color vary from white, deep dark red, yellow and orange. They look beautiful mixed in with the beans when we can them!

Yummmmmy Jam

My family absolutely loves raspberry jam...especially when it is homemade. I made four batches using the Sure Jell cooked jam recipe. I did decrease the sugar by 1 cup since we like our jam a little less sweet tasting. Also we like our jam on the thicker side with little clumps of berries so i do not crush the berries much prior to cooking. In my experience when they cook they break apart some anyways. Two of the batches of jam are actually huckleberry raspberry. MMMMM it is tasty! Huckleberries are delish in so many things, but they take awhile to pick. When you take a bite of this jam on makes it all worth while.

I also made Huckleberry Raspberry syrup! I absolutely love this syrup on my pancakes and waffles!

Being Fashionably Frugal

 I like knowing that if i watch what the styles are..that i can pick most of those items up at discount/clearance prices or better yet... my favorite which is thrift stores or yard sales!! I bought this whole outfit for just over $40. The jeans are great skinny jeans that were clearance at gap for $15. The yellow shirt and brown boyfriend fit cardigan sweater were just $2 each at a yard sale! My two favorite pieces of the outfit are shown below.
 Fossil purse...$2 at DI (my local thrift store)

Adrienne Vittadini suede boots..They retailed for $214 and were clearance for $19.97! Love them and love!

Double coupon weekend

Albertsons occasionally offers a coupon called "Twice the Value". This coupon will double the manufacturer coupon you use up to a dollar. When you pair those coupons with a sale...that makes for some great deals! This is just a few of the things i bought with my coupons. My focus for most of my shopping over the weekend was to stock up on things i may use for my sons school lunches. Retail value for all of what is pictured above was around $39. I was able to get all of it for $9 plus tax!

The Twice the Value coupons are found in most Sunday papers. I have found if you subscribe to the post register they are found in there every time Albertsons offers them. I have had times they are not offered in the papers that i have bought on Sunday.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Toothpaste for .49 a tube?! yayyyyyy. This deal made me very happy for a few reasons. First reason is that my husband is SUPER picky about his toothpaste and will not use anything else BUT this brand and kind of toothpaste. Reason number two is that the tubes came with an additional travel size toothpaste. Lastly number three...each tube came with a .75 off coupon for this brand of toothpaste! This deal was at Albertsons. They had an in store coupon making the toothpaste .99 each that i then stacked with a manufacturer coupon that took off .50. Four tubes of toothpaste for $1.96 plus tax! Limit of 6. Sale ends tomorrow

Green thumb

One way to be frugal is to plant a garden. Are they a lot of work? Yes! I actually enjoy working in the garden. This year has been a bit of a struggle.. with weeding and such because i have a very active 1 year old that was ALL over the place. My family loves being able to see the start of a seed be nurtured into something that we can put in a salad or on our plates. It is also nice to be able to give it to neighbors and friends! My absolute favorite garden fresh garden peas! I nearly cry every year when i pull the plants up.

Swap Shop

You may be asking yourself "What in the world is a swap shop"?! Well i am glad you asked...swap shop is when you bring the items you or your family are no longer using and swap it for "new to you" things that others have brought to swap! There will be a section to do this online as well as a get together to swap in person and socialize! Sounds fun to me :)

Do you love saving money?

How would you like to save money on your grocery bill? What would you do with the extra money? Did you know you could save anywhere from 40% to 98% on your grocery bill with just couponing and matching sales?! I have been couponing and CAN NOT believe how much i am paying for some amazing things. Couponing really made me open my eyes to how i shop and the prices i am paying. I also realized there are many coupons i do not use..but someone should! That realization brought forth the idea for a couponing circle. A couponing circle is when a group of fellow coupon clippers get together and socialize while exchanging coupons that they would use. It is also a great opportunity to have yummy treats!

Simply least as simple as i get

When things change..make the change work. The reason i am starting this blog is to live frugally and make the most out of the income we do have so that i will be able to be at home with my kids. In the past i had been part of the full time working mom force, then one day out of the blue i was let go. The way i was let go was anything but "nice". I was left feeling saddened, bitter and depressed about how much i had given (almost 5 years) to a company that was less than appreciative in the end. That was my wake up call! It was awhile after being let go..i was blessed with another child. I realized that no matter how much money i had or had been making, that was not what made me happy or defined me and that i needed to change the way i live. With that being said i also needed to make some life changes because during that year after i had been let go, i spent money like i hadn't. Debt is an ugly friend of mine that i would like to never see again. I have always been frugal and it was the way of my house growing up but the inner shopping diva inside me sometimes won out on disagreements. No more i say! Join me in being frugal, finding thrifty ways to save money and have a great time doing it. I am excited for the economical and social benefits this will bring to those who join and myself.