Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A nice reminder

I wanted to share this story because i have a feeling i am not the only one that feels defeated or down and out from time to time. My husband and I were talking last night and feeling down because we had set our minds to the goal of building a house this year for our family of four. We have steadily over time outgrown the house we are in now and it is so filled with things..the walls feel like they are closing in on me! The entry room is filled with toys that are my daughter Sophies since it is basically her play room. The time seemed right financially to build a house with the interest rates. You should know that Jared and I are very concerned about building more than we need or taking out any type of loan that doesn't leave much wiggle room or actual availability to not be house poor..we want to be able to have our kids in activities..and do dinner out or trips occasionally. We have been SO stressed about it the last few months and after talking with a few builders..are even more so now.
Last night after dinner and putting the kids to bed, Jared and I were talking about waiting and what if we build next year instead and hope interest rates are still low. I was feeling a little down and sad about the thought of "what if it doesn't happen". I turned my thoughts around and just said.."it will happen when it happens and we just have to keep working towards it". I then told Jared about some of the things that happened through out the day. Sophie has decided it is so much fun to climb and get a hold of all the things i basically don't want her touching and playing with. One of the items that she got a hold of is a little frame with the saying "Give Thanks" on the glass. I picked it up at a thrift store about a year ago for a dollar. Unfortunately in her playing with it yesterday...she had broken off the part that holds the frame up. I was not happy about it but set on fixing it instead of throwing it away..since i did like the saying it had on it and needed the reminder often. I pull off the back of the frame to see if i could staple or glue on the part that steadies the frame....and found a $10.
Jared and I looked at each other and just kind of laughed...and said back and forth to each other "why is it in there"..."do you think it was a gift and someone never opened the back"...maybe its a "pay it forward" kind of thing. I know for Jared it was any one of those things to him...something just silly or a gift, but for me it felt like something more. It was not about the $10 bill i was about the message of being grateful..thinking about what you do have to give thanks for..and Gods way of putting a hand on my shoulder to brighten my mood and keep things in perspective and not dwell on what may be around the corner..but be excited to go and see. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Local Coupon Class

I have talked with so many people who say they would like to start couponing..but have no idea where to start. I have been couponing since early this spring and it has been great! I have been able to stretch our families grocery budget and who doesn't need that in times when prices are raising but incomes are not. How many would be interested in taking a class..that would maybe be about 2 hours long? Leave a comment below if interested. :)

Holy Coupon Inserts! Sunday paper

If you are new to couponing or starting out and need to build your coupon stash.. this would be a GREAT weekend to get the paper! There will be 5 inserts and some great store coupons from Albertsons. Read the post from the Post Register below...I will caution you that buying them from the store or gas station sometimes means you will not get all the way to get them all is to subscribe.

There will be FIVE coupon inserts in the paper on Sunday PLUS Albertsons TTV coupons! Totaling over $250 in coupons! So if you were a 5 Sunday paper subscriber you would get over $1200 in coupons in your paper! Includes a GM, P&G, RP, SS and the Moments to Save from Frito-Lay and Pepsi! GREAT COUPONS combined with store sales ..... could be the "perfect storm" for couponing this next week! Call NOW to subscribe 522-1800!
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Did you know?-face wash

Did you know that most people only wash their face for 20 seconds? It is recommended to wash for 1 minute AND to start in your more oily areas..most people start at their cheeks which tends to be a drier area and can result in breakouts.

Twice the Value(aka double coupon) at Albertson's-sunday paper

It is Twice the Value coupons this week..which is basically a doubler coupon. I love the sites A Thrifty Mom, and Fabulessly Frugal for my Double Coupon Match ups. You can find these blogs on the right hand side under my "blog list".
 Also.. since the coupons come in the Sunday paper (and this last time you could print them from the Albertsons facebook make sure you "like" Albertsons facebook page so you can get some if they do the same this weekend) I like to make a trip in on Saturday some time and see if there are any unadvertised sales and what the stock is like on the items i am wanting and then that night i plan my trip out. Excited!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soda Coupon!

I've admitted many times that i am a soda addict..and am happy today that there is now a coupon to support my habit! Here is a $2 off  when you buy 2 24 packs. (so you are saving a $1 a 24 pack)Yay..go here to print

Broulims Case Lot Sale

To stock up..or not to stock up..that is the question. I find that sometimes i can get items for cheaper than the case lot sell..that is if i use coupons. If you are not a couponer than the case lot sale is a good option. I make my own pasta sauce so i go through A LOT of tomato sauce and this is when i do stock up on it. Do you make a lot of different kinds of soup in the fall? If you do..this is also a good time to stock up on your different white beans. I also like the price of the maple syrup in the large container..compared to buying multiples of the smaller containers. Below i have listed some of the best my opinion :) AND..if there are any available coupons i am aware of to use with the sale. Most items are western family brand and do not match with coupons. On a side note..make sure you have room to store what you buy :) This is something i forget sometimes and then i get home and...ohhh no... freezer is full..or cabinets are full..but that is a good thing right?!

I feel these are a great value even without a coupon
*Flour $6.88
*Sugar $13.79
*Orange Juice 4 for $5
*Tomato Sauce 4 for $1
*Top Ramen 10 for $1
*Evaporated Milk .79
*WF seasoning packets 3 for $1
*Eggs (if you can use 5 dozen by expiration..or split with someone!) $4.98 18 pks usually go for around $2.44

Manufacturer coupons
*Spaghetti O's  Smart Source Insert 9/11

Store coupons
Sunland Peanut Butter (16 oz) $1.69 with the instore coupon

If you really don't like couponing or just don't want to bother with it.. this is a pretty good sale for stocking up on items. I bake a lot in the fall and winter so the items that i noticed are definitely items that will help that cost less. Let me know if you find some great coupons that match this sale or what you feel is a great value!