Thursday, September 29, 2011

Local Coupon Class

I have talked with so many people who say they would like to start couponing..but have no idea where to start. I have been couponing since early this spring and it has been great! I have been able to stretch our families grocery budget and who doesn't need that in times when prices are raising but incomes are not. How many would be interested in taking a class..that would maybe be about 2 hours long? Leave a comment below if interested. :)

Holy Coupon Inserts! Sunday paper

If you are new to couponing or starting out and need to build your coupon stash.. this would be a GREAT weekend to get the paper! There will be 5 inserts and some great store coupons from Albertsons. Read the post from the Post Register below...I will caution you that buying them from the store or gas station sometimes means you will not get all the way to get them all is to subscribe.

There will be FIVE coupon inserts in the paper on Sunday PLUS Albertsons TTV coupons! Totaling over $250 in coupons! So if you were a 5 Sunday paper subscriber you would get over $1200 in coupons in your paper! Includes a GM, P&G, RP, SS and the Moments to Save from Frito-Lay and Pepsi! GREAT COUPONS combined with store sales ..... could be the "perfect storm" for couponing this next week! Call NOW to subscribe 522-1800!
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Did you know?-face wash

Did you know that most people only wash their face for 20 seconds? It is recommended to wash for 1 minute AND to start in your more oily areas..most people start at their cheeks which tends to be a drier area and can result in breakouts.

Twice the Value(aka double coupon) at Albertson's-sunday paper

It is Twice the Value coupons this week..which is basically a doubler coupon. I love the sites A Thrifty Mom, and Fabulessly Frugal for my Double Coupon Match ups. You can find these blogs on the right hand side under my "blog list".
 Also.. since the coupons come in the Sunday paper (and this last time you could print them from the Albertsons facebook make sure you "like" Albertsons facebook page so you can get some if they do the same this weekend) I like to make a trip in on Saturday some time and see if there are any unadvertised sales and what the stock is like on the items i am wanting and then that night i plan my trip out. Excited!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soda Coupon!

I've admitted many times that i am a soda addict..and am happy today that there is now a coupon to support my habit! Here is a $2 off  when you buy 2 24 packs. (so you are saving a $1 a 24 pack)Yay..go here to print

Broulims Case Lot Sale

To stock up..or not to stock up..that is the question. I find that sometimes i can get items for cheaper than the case lot sell..that is if i use coupons. If you are not a couponer than the case lot sale is a good option. I make my own pasta sauce so i go through A LOT of tomato sauce and this is when i do stock up on it. Do you make a lot of different kinds of soup in the fall? If you do..this is also a good time to stock up on your different white beans. I also like the price of the maple syrup in the large container..compared to buying multiples of the smaller containers. Below i have listed some of the best my opinion :) AND..if there are any available coupons i am aware of to use with the sale. Most items are western family brand and do not match with coupons. On a side note..make sure you have room to store what you buy :) This is something i forget sometimes and then i get home and...ohhh no... freezer is full..or cabinets are full..but that is a good thing right?!

I feel these are a great value even without a coupon
*Flour $6.88
*Sugar $13.79
*Orange Juice 4 for $5
*Tomato Sauce 4 for $1
*Top Ramen 10 for $1
*Evaporated Milk .79
*WF seasoning packets 3 for $1
*Eggs (if you can use 5 dozen by expiration..or split with someone!) $4.98 18 pks usually go for around $2.44

Manufacturer coupons
*Spaghetti O's  Smart Source Insert 9/11

Store coupons
Sunland Peanut Butter (16 oz) $1.69 with the instore coupon

If you really don't like couponing or just don't want to bother with it.. this is a pretty good sale for stocking up on items. I bake a lot in the fall and winter so the items that i noticed are definitely items that will help that cost less. Let me know if you find some great coupons that match this sale or what you feel is a great value!

Purex Crystals Coupons On Facebook

I love these little crystals. If you have not used them yet, maybe this is the time to try them. If you go to the facebook page Like their page and then on the left side find the area that says "coupon". I rarely see coupons for these..and you can print 2. :)

Love to wash my bedding, towels and blankets with these..long lasting scent is great!

Did you know?-roman empire


The Roman Empire did not fall in a battle of war. There was no single big clash of arms that drove it to its knees. It was corroded from the inside. At one stage, the wealthy held so much gold coins that there was not enough currency to keep services to the public going. By keeping the money to themselves the wealthy had simply run the nation into the ground.


Newspaper nails-Frugally done by you!

I thought this was such a great look and the fact that you can do it on your own makes it a frugally fun idea to try out! My friend Amy has this great blog that shows you how to do hair, nails and other fun things that you can do it on you..your kids..whatever and save some "cha-ching" in your pocket. AND we love that don't we? Check out this link below..and also she is listed under my blog list. She has some great things and often you may want to become a "follower" :)

My yard sale finds

I went to yard sales this weekend (which i do on most weekends if my kids are up for going early) and i found some fun things. While i know this may not interest some i am hoping it will my fellow yard sale addicts. I look for anything and everything at yard sales. Often you can't go with certain things in mind because you find the most random things..and things you never knew you liked until you are looking at it and holding it in your hand. I love the thrifty deals i got this weekend and am excited to share them with you. 
Steve Madden Suede Boots $5

Sweater for my husband .25!



Dresses .50 each

Frilly little skirts .50 each


Two Table clothes with 12 matching napkins $4

I realize i did not really have any Thanksgiving Decorations and these made me smile. $1.50
Vintage General Electric Westminster Chime clock $10! Love it

Old Navy dresses that will be adorable around the 4th of July with red accessories! .50 each

Halloween decor $1 for all


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Price hike for peanut butter

One of the cheapest sandwiches you can make..just got a little more spendy. Well i should say "is about" to get more expensive come November. The main ingredients in this tasty little sandwich are about to get a price increase. The price increase in peanut butter will be 30% and jam is estimated to be a 4%. If you were paying $3 a jar for peanut butter you can now count on it as of November..being about $4. (IF you are a would never pay $3 a jar!:)

The link below gives more specifics on this subject

So if you find this on sale and use it for sandwiches, no bake cookies, on celery and so on...get it now while its cheaper.

Did you know?-Pigs fly?

Did you knowits physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky.
SO..if they don't really know there is a sky..they probably are not too upset that they can't fly :) 

Yard Sale Addict

I absolutely love summer for SO many reasons..but one main reason is yard sales. I grew up going to yard sales on Saturday and i loved it. You never know what you will find..and for what price. I went to some yard sales this last weekend and had such a great time! I am saddened that the yard sale season is coming to a close. I will be posting some of my great finds later...but until i have any other fellow yard sale addicts?!!! And what do you look for when you are out and about?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Did you know?-hand sanitizer

We are coming into the time of year that everyone seems to be sick with something. I love the fact that they at least have the wipes for the carts at grocery stores and i usually also stick a little hand sanitizer in my purse. I was at one of my local stores the other day and put a little hand sanitizer on and i happened to be walking by the pharmacy. I must have been rubbing my hands together like a mad woman because the Pharmacist said "actually.. you should let your hands remain wet..that is what kills the germs..not the rubbing and getting them dry". I had no idea! I hope you enjoy my little "did you know" for the day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bridesmaid DVD or Blu-ray deal

Albertsons has a great promotion right now when you purchase the Bridesmaids DVD or Blu-ray. You pay the $16.95 for dvd or $21.95 for the Blu-ray combo pack and get these items free.

*kleenex cool touch tissues (Rexburg Albertsons doesn't sell this type so they let me get kleenex similar in price)
*bag of hersheys kisses
*suave naturals body wash
(please refer to the ad for exact size and value of items in the promotion)

That sounds pretty good right? Especially if you were already going to buy the movie. BUT.. i found a deal that makes this even better..go to the link below to get your $5 off coupon for the Bridesmaids Movie!!! YAYYYYY Click the blue highlighted area on the page the link takes you to and you'll be able to print your coupon.

Thanks to for posting that great coupon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are one of my favorite go to cookies when i need to take a cookie to a party or family get together or if i am doing a cookie tray as a gift at holiday time. They are so yummy and super easy to make. :)

1 cup softened butter                    
2 cups sugar
2 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
2 cups pumpkin
4 1/2 cups flour
4 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 cups semi sweet or milk chocolate chips (i like to do 1 cup of each)

*cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the vanilla, eggs and pumpkin. Add dry ingredients into the pumpkin mixture. Stir and fold in chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoon rounds ( i personally like to use a ice cream scooper for a little bigger cookies) lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake 375 for 10 to 12 minutes.

The house will smell great and you'll have some very yummy cookies afterward!

Pumpkin Pie Mask/Scrub

This mask/scrub is so great for so many reasons. Pumpkin has natural enzymes that eat away dead skin resulting in a brighter complexion that more easily absorbs moisture. The sugar and milk in this mixture also hydrate and exfoliate. There is also the added benefit of vitamin c in the pumpkin as well as it being an antioxidant to help fight free radicals. Here is what you'll need...

2 1/2 tablespoons pumpkin puree
1/2 tsp white or brown sugar ( i prefer brown sugar because it feels a little more grainy and doesn't dissolve as quick)
1/2 tsp milk

*If you are wanting this as more of a scrub and less of a mask then you will need to decrease your pumpkin and milk and increase your sugar to a texture that is to your liking for application.

Mix together and apply mask to face. Let sit for 15 minutes. I paper towel off some of the excess and then rinse with cool to warm water. Enjoy!

You may only want to do this twice a month or at most once a week to start to see how your skin reacts. If you are allergic to any of the following ingredients please DO NOT do this mask just in case it cases a reaction or skin irritation. kidding?!

I planted pumpkins this year in our garden thinking i would use them for some fun halloween decor...but there are SO many things you can use pumpkin for! I honestly had no idea. So besides cute or spooky halloween decor like pictured..did you know the scent of pumpkin triggers a reaction similar to pheromones?  If you don't know what a pheromone is..look it is quite interesting. It may give you a little 'get it going on" in the bedroom with your loved one. :) 

 I was also quite surprised that pumpkin is a natural laxative to help keep you feeling regular and your digestive tract in working order. There was even a recipe online for doggie pumpkin treats to help keep your dog regular!? BUT...two of my favorite things to do with pumpkin are

1. Pumpkin Pie face mask/scrub

2. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I will be posting recipes for those little goodies in my next posts! Warning.. doing all of this things in a single day..who knows what the out come will be..smelling good..pretty skin..yummy cookies..and well.. you know..the other! Especially if you do the mask/scrub while your husband is home..he may just want to lick your face off! 

Avon Sale and great shipping promo!

Avon is having a sale on many an example their glimmer stick eyebrow, eyeliner, and brow liner are all on sale for $2.99. They have some fun new ones that are in sparkling metallic shades for fall. My favorite go to liner that is a pencil liner is the ultra luxury liner and it is on sale right now for $1.99! I also absolutely love the Mark face powder and skin which you can also order and receive the same shipping promo. I hope you find something great!  Below is the link to my site that you can order directly from if you go to the SHOP NOW tab. Remember to enter the code Autumn2011 to get the free shipping over $10 orders.

A little stir crazy...

When it is cold in the mornings in the fall i get a little stir crazy and need things to THIS is what i worked on the other day. My mothers birthday was last week and she is completely impossible to buy for..she has i wanted to give her something that she could keep for awhile and that i put some time in to. I was inspired with the leaf theme of the tea towels from a post i put on about a week ago..which was a chair post with card stock leaves. This was a fun project that did not cost me much since i had bought the towels on sale at Porters and the felt at a yard sale. It was actually kind of calming to sit and hand sew the leaves on. It is a fun way to make a set of tea towels more decorative and personal..and depending on the print and design add ons you do..can be completely different for whom ever you are making them for. Hopefully my mom will like them!

Say Please Lunch box love notes..huge discount!

If you have read previous posts on my blog you know that i love a company called "Say Please" that makes lunch box love notes for kid and loved ones. They are extremely cute and say positive words and on the other side have cool fun facts or quotes. My son looks forward to these in his cold lunch that he takes to  school occasionally. Right now you can get a huge saving and order some of these cutie little cards for yourself. The discount is LBL48 to receive 48% your order. Visit the site here to check it out

I forgot to add that this are really quite inexpensive. One pack of cards starts at $2.99 and then there is free shipping on orders over $20 :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Broulims giveaway

Broulims is giving away Pizza! Like their page and email them that you liked it and they will send you a coupon. :) If you already emailed them last giveaway about the soda then you can not participate in this one too. MMM pizza

So easy and adorable!

I love this idea. All you need is a printer available to print free leaf templates and some card stock. What a fun idea for fall! You could use this idea on a chair..a door..maybe above an entry way?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Old tins with a purpose

I love this idea! You could also put paper around them and let the kids decorate them and then put them on the fridge. You can usually find tins at a thrift store or use your old black pepper tins to put paper on and decorate..BUT i am now in search of beautiful decorative tins like these pictured below!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family game night..frugal find

Trent played the game Risk at a friends house recently and became hooked on it. I myself played the game when i was younger with my sisters and remember bits and pieces of it. (Especially the part where we would whine and scream at each other when the other wiped our territory out) I decided i would check into the price of the game because Trent did like it so much and we play many board games as a family on the weekends. I was surprised to see the prices vary anywhere from $25 to $140. I decided i would be patient and see what i could find. Trent and I were at D.I the other day and he was SO excited to come up to me with the Risk game. We went through it to make sure it was all there.(it is from a thrift store so you never know) It was and we are thrilled with our purchase that ended up being $2.00. Yay for patience!

Halloweens Haunting Decor


I love love love them, but they can be expensive for a quick read and then you may lay it down and never pick it up again. I have started using the magazines online resources instead of buying many of the magazines. All You magazine has some fun decorating ideas if you are already in the Halloween Mood. I am crossing my fingers that my pumpkins will be big enough to be able to do some of these fun ideas. I love the clothes pin bats idea!

This is also a site that had some great Halloween ideas...                          

Pictures posted are from this months Woman's day magazine.

Adorable Idea to do the frugal way-Lunch Box Love

I absolutely LOVE this idea. SAY PLEASE lunchbox love for kids notes are the cutest little things and a great way to let your kids know that you are thinking of them through out the day. Trent takes cold lunch quite often to school and he loved the idea of the little facts on the back of the cards as well. While the cost of these cards are not expensive, i thought about how easy it would be to make some of your own..especially if you have scrapbooking supplies on hand. To get ideas to do your own or to order visit the link below. Also...there are some fun free downloads for a turkey maze, and how to make a turkey pattern you can print off for the upcoming holiday time.

Also it doesn't need to be just for lunches..sneak one in a back pack and imagine their surprise when they pull out their homework to turn in :)

New Additions to your yard for fall.

It may seem like an after thought since many plants are dying off and trees losing their leaves and dropping their fruit, yet right now is a perfect time to go to your local nurseries and see about clearance and deeply discounted shrubs, perennials, and fruit trees. Think of what you'd have to look forward to come next year and you'll be able to smile even more since you spent considerably less. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gerber food and snack coupons

It is rare that you see coupons for baby food items and when you do the number of prints available is usually low and run out quickly. So... if you want to use these coupons print them now :) My little one loves the snack puffs and sticks. Search for coupons with either the zip code 83440 or 77477. Happy Searching!

Bealls Coupon!

Click the link above and use zip code 77477. Search through to find the 25% off coupon at BEALLS which is a new store coming to Rexburg area. I have been told it is like Ross. (which i love!) You can typically print two of each coupon. Maybe now would be a great time to spruce up your fall wardrobe!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Use available resources near you for entertainment- Local Library

I use to buy books and movies ALL the time and very occasionally still do, but what i started to notice was that after i read/watched them..most of them now sit on my shelf collecting dust. That is a lot of money sitting under a pile of dust! (and proof that i need to dust more often)haha

My local library has a large selection of movies and books. Trent loves reading and likes being able to look at a large selection of different types of books

These are two books that i am excited to start reading.

Did you know there was a 5 languages of love for children book?

And this book should be a humorous approach to life

No coupons in the Sunday paper this weekend-Labor Day

For those of you new to couponing..usually there are not any coupon inserts in the Sunday paper on a holiday weekend. This weekend is Labor day weekend so don't go out and buy a paper to get the inserts..or you will be sadly disappointed :)

Cheese and Milk Coupon!

I love when this coupon is available. I watch Smith's, Broulims, and Albertsons for when they have any brand of cheese on sale. It is for a 2lb brick of cheese. I can usually find a good enough deal to pay only $3.99 for a 2lb brick of cheese. Go to the link below to print!

There is also a milk coupon that is available to print. And as i have said in preview can typically print two of the coupon.

Cookies and Milk anyone?!

When you go to Nabisco cookies facebook page and like them through this link  you can print a $1 off nabisco cookies (when you also purchase milk) If you pair this coupon with a sale on cookies.. makes for a great deal. You can usually print two coupons. If your child packs lunches for school you can also buy the small to go packs :)

Support an area school

This is a topic that i am very passionate about. Box tops for education gives schools the opportunity to receive money that they otherwise do not have. I remember when i was growing up and going to grade school..we went on field trips quite often. Now that my son is in grade school, they rarely do. Now i am not sure if that is for budget reasons or other.
Schools all over could really use some extra $$. I know i cant just go out and write the school my son attends a check. (as much as i would like to) BUT what i can collect the box tops off of the packages of foods we eat. I also have my mother collect them for us. If i can make a difference in even the smallest way...i would like to. Imagine if everyone locally started collecting their box tops and giving them to their local schools? Books in the more additional field trip that year..balls for PE..playground equipment..the possibilities are endless because many schools are in such need of many of these items. You are just a pair of scissors away from making a difference and cutting out box tops. SNIP SNIP :)

Even if you do not have children or your children are all grown up.. you can still make a difference and donate your box tops to the local school of your choice :)

Broulims free Shasta

Broulims has started a facebook page and is trying to draw in more likes to their page! They are giving a 2 liter of Shasta to you just for liking their page. This will only last for 3 more days so hurry. Go to their facebook page which is  like the page and find the post about the free 2 liter. There will be an email address to mail to and then they send you a coupon. I like soda..and seems like a great thing for just sending an email :)