Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Broulims Case Lot Sale

To stock up..or not to stock up..that is the question. I find that sometimes i can get items for cheaper than the case lot sell..that is if i use coupons. If you are not a couponer than the case lot sale is a good option. I make my own pasta sauce so i go through A LOT of tomato sauce and this is when i do stock up on it. Do you make a lot of different kinds of soup in the fall? If you do..this is also a good time to stock up on your different white beans. I also like the price of the maple syrup in the large container..compared to buying multiples of the smaller containers. Below i have listed some of the best my opinion :) AND..if there are any available coupons i am aware of to use with the sale. Most items are western family brand and do not match with coupons. On a side note..make sure you have room to store what you buy :) This is something i forget sometimes and then i get home and...ohhh no... freezer is full..or cabinets are full..but that is a good thing right?!

I feel these are a great value even without a coupon
*Flour $6.88
*Sugar $13.79
*Orange Juice 4 for $5
*Tomato Sauce 4 for $1
*Top Ramen 10 for $1
*Evaporated Milk .79
*WF seasoning packets 3 for $1
*Eggs (if you can use 5 dozen by expiration..or split with someone!) $4.98 18 pks usually go for around $2.44

Manufacturer coupons
*Spaghetti O's  Smart Source Insert 9/11

Store coupons
Sunland Peanut Butter (16 oz) $1.69 with the instore coupon

If you really don't like couponing or just don't want to bother with it.. this is a pretty good sale for stocking up on items. I bake a lot in the fall and winter so the items that i noticed are definitely items that will help that cost less. Let me know if you find some great coupons that match this sale or what you feel is a great value!

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